Jacob Lurie explains and elaborates on his “No Comment”

Jacob Lurie has done all of us an immense favor by posting a comment on the “No Comment” post, explaining why he chose to respond in that way, and sharing his thoughts on the hope, expressed twice on this blog, that HOTT/UF might provide a quicker route to his results on higher categories (obtained at the cost of efforts that are literally back-breaking, at least for this reader).

While I try to be respectful of everyone I quote on this blog, my position is that anything in the public domain is fair game.  Mathematicians are professionally trained to speak with great caution when we speak at all. So I am sincerely grateful to Jacob for not taking offense at my using his off-the-cuff non-comment as a way of highlighting an authentic difference of opinion within the society of mathematicians, and for explicating (what I believe to be) the majority opinion much more precisely and concisely than I could have.


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