Missing countries


The map shows the countries of origins of the visits to this blog since its creation.  The darker the color, the more views; the US leads with 24,585, followed by the UK (4,623), Germany (3,334), France (2,992), and Canada (1,783).  Conspicuously missing are most of the former French colonies in sub-Saharan Africa, three of the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran.  I’m especially surprised by the absence of Iran, which in spite of the political situation has a very dynamic mathematical school, notably in number theory and automorphic forms.

It was explained to me some time ago that anyone reading the blog by RSS feed would not appear on the register, but I don’t think that explains why Iran has not shown up at all.  I’m afraid I can’t claim to have done anything, either in the book or in the blog, to deserve the honor of being banned in Iran.


2 thoughts on “Missing countries

  1. farbod

    WordPress is categorically blocked in Iran. People use VPN (or other tricks) to bypass the filters (that’s what I do when I am there). But that would generally mean their IP address will appear to be from another country.



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