This is what charisma looks like, Part I: a picture


After many weeks during which the daily number of visitors hovered around 100, the number suddenly jumped after the three posts (that were originally only supposed to be two) on Pantheism and Homotopy Theory.  My plan was to write about Lewis Hyde’s The Gift, but readers had other ideas.  Here, courtesy of, is a picture of what happened, with my annotations:

What charisma looks like

A:  Tweet by Women in Numbers
B:  First Twitter referrals by programmers
C:  Jacob Lurie's first comment
D:  Large influx of visits referred by Hacker News

Traffic is settling down to a more modest level, still higher than the pre-HOTT baseline.  Positions have been advanced, refined, and clarified.  I don’t think anyone’s mind has been changed, but I do think the issues are clearer for most people involved.  (I’m an exception in at least one respect; I still don’t understand the univalent axiom, but I have gathered that it’s impossible to explain without referring to other considerations, mostly categorical or proof-theoretic, that I also don’t understand.)

My thanks to everyone who has been taking part in this discussion, especially Jacob Lurie and Mike Shulman.   I will continue to approve comments as long as anyone wants to make them.  In the meantime, I am moving on to the topic of the title.  There will be four parts.  Part III will be a surprise, and will not be labeled.


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