No time


At Yale I finally met Igor Frenkel, who is unrelated to Edward Frenkel although their lives have uncanny parallels.  Igor suggested I take a look at Pavel Florensky’s book  “Imaginariness in Geometry” (usually translated Imaginary Numbers in Geometry), published in 1922, and containing a non-euclidean interpretation of the geometry of Dante’s cosmos, along with much else.  It turns out that there is an extensive literature in several languages on Dante’s non-euclidean geometry, but I have no time to write about it (much less to read it).

The urgently-needed post on Dante’s geometry is one of several that have been postponed to the indefinite future.  Here are some other likely titles of future posts:

Eminem’s math envy (inspired by a message from Olivier Fouquet, actually featuring the song Omnicron by Jedi Mind Tricks)

This is what charisma looks like, part 2:  Is mathematics democratic?

Algebraic number theory declared “near death” by ECM medical team

Some future posts still await complete titles:

(*) An account of the three (!) reviews of math books I’ve just completed, all favorable; all of the books conform to the enigmatic rule revealed in this post;

(*) This is what charisma looks like, part 4;

(*) Something about the Institute for Figuring;

(*) And a follow-up to this recent post.


4 thoughts on “No time

  1. John Baez

    A blog post about how you don’t have time to write blog posts? How “meta”! I guess it saves time to simply list blog posts you could have written – sort of like Borges’ approach to novels.


    1. KANTOR

      The comparison of Borges is I hope ironical :Borges was full of care for time ,and he would not have accepted americanized anxiety which induces meta – meta – meta list of blogs of blogs of blogs of what you would write in your next blog.
      I hope this blogomania does not invade the net.
      Talking about Borgesian parallel lives (Frenkel and Frenkel ),let me mention another example :Desplechin ‘s recent film where Dedalus the hero has two virtual copies and a third one real (me !)



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