Me and Pink Floyd

Wikipedia has once again listed Mathematics without Apologies as an autobiography.  I was trying to figure out where I should send my complaints when I saw, just a few lines down, that Richard Wright’s Black Boy was listed as the autobiography of a musician.  Curious to learn more, I clicked on the name and was sent to the Wikipedia page of the late Pink Floyd keyboardist, who was two years old when his purported autobiography was published.  This is so cute that I really shouldn’t say anything, and I have to admit it’s kind of thrilling to be on a list that includes Santa Teresa de Avila, both Spike and Sir Christopher Lee (who wrote autobiographies with the same title), Casanova (who published the same biography twice and who will reappear in a future post as a mathematician), and Hulk Hogan.

So please, if you know the person who put my name on the list (at some point between June 10 and August 2), don’t say anything.  But why does anyone think my book is an autobiography?

5 thoughts on “Me and Pink Floyd

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