Global warming equations in the Paris metro

RER Gare du Nord - 3

If you didn’t make it to the COP21 meeting in Paris in November you missed the opportunity to be placed under house arrest; but you also missed the exhibit of climate change equations still on display at the southbound RER B platform in Gare du Nord.  The explanation, such as it is, can be read on this panel:

RER Gare du Nord - 8

The man in red has nothing to do with the climate meeting; he is standing there to prevent passengers from falling onto the tracks during rush hour and to help them onto the train at all times.

If you need to get to the IHES from the north of Paris, you’ll almost certainly stand on this platform, and you’ll have enough time between trains to take your own snapshots.  For those of you who won’t have that opportunity, here is a more or less complete collection.

RER Gare du Nord - 1RER Gare du Nord - 2RER Gare du Nord - 6RER Gare du Nord - 5

The equations are not labelled individually, and apart from the green poster pictured above, the only explanation is to be found on this one:

RER Gare du Nord - 7

If you’re really curious about global warming, you’d do better to read Ivar Ekeland’s new book, entitled Le syndrome de la grenouille. I’ll be providing a complete report in a later post.


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