General Knowledge

The error of characterizing MWA as an autobiography has now attained a degree of absurdity that can only be called sublime.  What appears to be a carbon copy of the Wikipedia list of autobiographies already mentioned here in October, and still not corrected (still including the silly Richard Wright listing, for example), has now been posted by something called — gk as in General Knowledge — on a page entitled “List of autobiographies by celebrities.”  So if you know me, or if you know someone else on the list (for instance:  Fidel Castro, Alyssa Milano, or Goro Shimura), you can tell all your friends that you know a celebrity.  Even better, you can write that you know a celebrity the next time you take

exams like UPSC,SSC,Clercical Exams,State PSC,IBPS,Railways,GATE etc.

since that’s where General Knowledge apparently comes in handy.


One thought on “General Knowledge

  1. sntx

    You are indeed in enviable company. (I hope someone gave someone else a bonus for the title of Tori Spelling’s surprisingly inevitable title.) But thanks to this, I learned Arnold has also written one. That would probably make an interesting read.



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