Zombie postscript

Clearly this is a timely topic and it won’t be going away soon.  Just this morning the Financial Times published an article entitled

Humans have nothing to fear from intelligent machines

by the Oxford philosopher Luciano Floridi.  The article, unfortunately behind a paywall, includes a sentence that looks like a rejoinder to my post:

A Turing machine has no understanding, no consciousness, no intuitions — in short, nothing we would recognise as a mental life. It lacks the intelligence even of a mouse.

Floridi has been publishing a series of books — a tetralogy, to be more precise — on the philosophy of information but he has time to give a TEDx talk, a UNESCO talk, and much more about the fourth revolution (the four named after Copernicus, Darwin, Freud, and Turing).  So naturally he has written about zombies as well.


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