Probably won’t make exciting reading


The authors of the following text may well be running the most entertaining pirate website offering my book for download, for free but at the cost of insidious harm to your computer and untold physiological and psychic damage.  (Can an adulterated text literally damage your brain, even if you are not wearing electronic implants?  Read at your own risk.)

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A few weeks ago, someone identified only as Alejandro posted a comment in favor of illegal, or rather “illegal,” downloads.   Since few readers may have noticed it, I’m copying it here:

Well, probably a few authors really miss some fraction of their royalties because of the “illegal” downloading websites, but these websites share the information for free and make money only from banner ads, which is barely enough to maintain a server (especially under DDoS-attacks of the publishers), let alone an international mafia.

Alejandro seems not to have noticed that I had already replied to an essentially identical comment last September.  The loss of royalties hardly makes a difference to me, but what would Alejandro (or last September’s “Good Pirate”) suggest to a professional author who has no other source of income?  Really, have you thought this through?



7 thoughts on “Probably won’t make exciting reading

  1. Johan

    Maybe, one simply can’t expect to be paid for everything. I like to write and resently published a book together with a couple of friends. We put the pdf online for free and paid for the printing ourselves. If people want to pay for the physical book thats nice, but I’m glad if they just want to read it. I certainly don’t demand of anyone to pay me money for it. Maybe this is a generational thing, but I think with the technological advances and possibilities old notions like “professional writer” will soon be a historical parenthesis. At least I hope so.


      1. Johan

        No, I’m saying technological changes are making certain practices increasingly non-profitable while at the same time making it easier to create outside of old structures. Sure, it would be nice to be able to do it as a living. It would also be nice to reinstate the old welfare services, fully funded and independent universities, etc. But that is simply not possible.


      2. mathematicswithoutapologies Post author

        This is not exactly a novel thesis. Are you comfortable with the label “technodeterminist”? I don’t know how many krigsmaskinen there are, but the one that is easily accessible seems to have a strong interest in the positions of Amadeo Bordiga.


    1. mathematicswithoutapologies Post author

      Your article makes a valid and important point, and I would raise it, forcefully, with PUP if they were a commercial publisher. I don’t know enough about the economics of university publishing to be able to defend my opinions, but my general inclination is to let them do whatever they feel is necessary to survive.


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