One of my brilliant colleagues is “like the Judith Butler or Jeffrey Sachs in math or something”

Found on the Columbia Underground Listing of Professor Ability (CULPA):

Much of what I have to say about Wei has been written in someone else’s review. Thank you for having such a good review of Wei Zhang! People like Wei are really an asset to Columbia University and to the math world. I am writing this review to let more people know Wei, who is without a doubt the best professor I have ever encountered in my years in Columbia and is indisputably one of the academic superstars in the 21st century, at least in the realm of math. He is like the Judith Butler or Jeffrey Sachs in math or something.

I originally took this class rather unwillingly to fulfill my ECON credit, but it turns out to be the best class of my life! Wei is so inspirational! When he talks, you feel like you are transported to the world of mathematics. His class is fun even for people who are not interested in math or science, like me. During his class, you suspend all your disbelief about math. You just buckle your seat belts and get ready for the wondrous journey that Wei takes you! I probably won’t pursue math major in the end because Wei Zhang only teaches Cal 3. If he teaches more math classes, I will seriously consider majoring in math!!

Def take his class even if you are a history or English major. This class totally changes my perception of math and science. It’s a treasure for all!


Very light. Who cares about the workload when Wei is so brilliant?


2 thoughts on “One of my brilliant colleagues is “like the Judith Butler or Jeffrey Sachs in math or something”

    1. mathematicswithoutapologies Post author

      That’s not quite what the comment says, and the suggestion that I love publicity is both bizarre and baseless. And if your anonymous aboriginal Australian had the courage to identify him/herself, we could discuss the reasons for this misconception.

      Having said that, thank you for letting me know that your blog is back.



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