Justice, finally, for Maurice Audin

Place Audin

Photo taken in Paris by Ammine May 26, 2004.


It was announced today that French President Emmanuel Macron

would acknowledge that Audin “died under torture stemming from the system instigated while Algeria was part of France.”

More details can be found in the article published today in the Guardian , in a 3-minute video on lemonde.fr and a long article by the inevitable Cédric Villani.  The role of Laurent Schwartz in the story was recalled on this blog in 2015.

There is also a Place Maurice Audin in Algiers:

PlaceAudinAlger From Cédric Villani’s blog, http://cedricvillani.org/le-coeur-a-sa-memoire-prix-maurice-audin-2016/

2 thoughts on “Justice, finally, for Maurice Audin


    One should appreciate positively
    -the influence of Villani’s energy devoted to the Audin case;
    – Earlier the role of Roger Godemen,famous mathematician who was always hidden because of his modesty but who was traching at the University in Algiers and was the boss of Audin,whom he mentioned later at various occasions and in particluar in a series of mathematical exercises in his famous treaty of Algebra.


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